MDA® Implementers’ Workshop Succeeding with Model Driven Systems

By now, we’ve all heard of MDA and seen the logos, but what does it all mean and how does it fit? This tutorial will provide an understanding of the basic concepts of MDA; separation of concerns, PIM’s, PSM’s, and transformations. We expand on this to discuss the full-lifecycle of MDA based development processes and understand the role of profiles and meta-models in the process. Then, we put this into context of the MDA Core technologies; MOF, UML, CWM, XMI and explain the underlying architecture of MDA, the interrelationship between the technologies, and the benefits this brings. We examine how tools fit into the total picture and how to evaluate tools against particular enterprise requirements. Finally, we finish the tutorial by going through a complete development example including a sample profile and meta-model, business model, PIM, PSM, finally generating code. All of this is presented in an objective, vendor neutral fashion, to provide a complete and unbiased understanding of MDA.

OMG Management GroupModel Driven Architecture

Understanding MDA – Mike Rosen, CTO, M2VP
MDA® Implementers’ Workshop
Succeeding with Model Driven Systems
December 2-5, 2003
Burlingame, CA USA