Our Services Make You Successful

M2VP advisors have a minimum of 10 years of direct, pragmatic experience in their area of focus, while senior advisors have over 20 years of experience. In many cases, they remain senior executives in their organization while also acting as mentors to you.

Executives that are relatively new to their organization should assess their situation and their resources. Discover what you inherited. Uncover true, underlying issues before they surprise you. Find which employees will be your future stars (and which won’t). With M2VP’s help, you can focus on what is immediately important and show quick wins for yourself and your company. You and your staff will get instant credibility – from your board, from your management team, from your stakeholders and from your customers.

Leverage M2VP advisory services and start benefiting today.



Virtual Procurement Department

  • Full procurement service from RFP / RFQ / RFI to contract negotiations

Executive Advisement

  • One-on-one goal reviews
  • “Rising Star” activities, guidance and placement
  • Executive networking assistance
  • Offsite 360 degree reviews

Business Strategy

  • Business Assessments
  • Merger and acquisition recommendations and research
  • Competitive analysis and recommendations
  • Innovation initiatives

Organizational / Cultural Alignment

  • Talent reviews and recommendations
  • Organizational structure review and alignments
  • Morale improvement and team development techniques
  • Achieving exceptional results workshops

Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer

  • Industry specific recommendations
  • Personalized knowledge aggregation and presentation assistance
  • Access to other, non-competitive executives
  • Negotiation, public speaking and presentation coaching
Technology Transition Planning

  • A five phase transition methodology customized to your needs
  • Business and technology assessments
  • Project, process and transition management
  • Technology transition mentoring and training

IT Strategy

  • IT organization, process and technology assessments
  • Industry and technology trends analysis and competitive recommendations
  • Enterprise IT best practices recommendations
  • Reuse Strategy for business and technical advantage

Enterprise Architecture

  • Integrated enterprise architecture mentoring
  • Component-based architectures and frameworks
  • Web, mobile or distributed computing architectures
  • Service oriented, model driven and agile architecture

Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer

  • World class expertise, one-to-one or one-to-many
  • Proven technology absorption techniques
  • Reinforce, experiential learning and workshops
  • Project, product or portfolio management assistance

M2VP is a catalyst and a multiplier for an executive who wants to monetize their ideas or mobilize their team.