Implementing Enterprise Architecture with MDA

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is experiencing increased acceptance and use in IT organizations today. This is partly due to mandates for compliance with architecture and the growing complexity of the enterprise. IT systems can no longer be developed in isolation, but must fit into a larger context that meets the goals of the overall business. EA defines that context and the rules and guidelines for conformance. Unfortunately, many development projects and organizations are unaccustomed to following the rules, thus stressing the new IT Architectural models being developed. But wait, MDA to the rescue! MDA provides a standards based approach to defining enterprise architecture. Additionally, MDA tools can provide a mechanism to automatically incorporate the architecture into the development process.

This tutorial will present the concepts and process of defining and implementing enterprise architecture using MDA.

LogOn Briefing OMG on Enterprise Integration
January 27, 2004
Seedamm Plaza, Zurich, Switzerland