HMG New Jersey CIO Executive Leadership Summit – Life of a CIO in the Fast Lane of a Fast Growing Company

New Brunswick, NJ – May 1, 2015

Panel Discussion:
Todd Cohen, Principal, Sales Leader LLC
Brian Simmermon, CIO, Subaru of America, Inc.
Viktor Ohnjec, President, M2VP
Moderator: Candida Seasock, Founder and President, CTS Associates, LLC

Join Brian Simmermon, VP & CIO at Subaru of America and two of his advisors, Viktor Ohnjec, his long-standing strategic advisor and Todd Cohen, his award-winning sales culture coach with stories of how they helped move Subaru of America from a $5B corporation to over $12B in 5 years through activities with sales, marketing, outside partners, vehicle improvements/support and the 600 Retailers in Subaru”s US market. Hear stories about business transformation activities, about leveraging partners to everyone’s mutual benefit, about ensuring simplicity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness while supporting all aspects of a thriving business that truly works in the fast lane. As a panel discussion, attendee will be encouraged to share their stories – good, bad or otherwise – to the benefit of all present.